Slim Wallet

The Slim Wallet – The World Thinnest Wallet

The Slim Wallet is a very original wallet specially designed to be the slimmest wallet possible, ideal and practical for your everyday use.
The design of The Slim Wallet is particularly focus to make you super comfortable when you are carrying it in your pocket.

You can carry all the things you need (cards, coins, bills, notes…), with a  very quick and easy access.
No more searching. The Slim Wallet is also designed so you can check all the cards, coins or bills you have in just a glimpse.

The Slim Wallet - American DollarSupr Slim!
The Slim Wallet is really reeeeally thin!! (about 2 mm thick).
Filled it up with your cards and money, and it will stretch and adapt to take the minimum space possible.

Slim WalletComfort & Lightweight

Made with a thin but highly resistant synthetic material, The Slim Wallet is extremely slim and lightweight, providing you with a great feeling of comfort when carrying it in your pocket.

Slim WalletResistant

Hand made by a highly resistant type synthetic material of intertwined fibers. It also has an extra protective layer around it, so it is highly resistant to stretch, scratch, tear, and also water-resistant.

The Slim Wallet - AirmailTactical Storage

1 – Card holder: All cards are all placed together into an easy access side pocket.
2 – Coin pocket: This transparent pocket makes it fast to check all the coins you have before you even have to open it up. The coins automatically spread out in it’s pocket for better comfort.
3 – Bill pocket: An easy to access pocket for all your richness.


Slim WalletsThe Slim Wallet is an Original and Unique Product Design by

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